Lion's Mane Grow Kit


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Grow your own lion’s mane mushrooms at home with the Lion’s Mane Grow Kit!


  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Start producing mushrooms within 2 weeks
  • Experience the joy and wonder of watching beautiful mushrooms grow!

Lion's Mane Grow Kit

Lion’s Mane Mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) is a fairly common wood decomposing mushroom that can be found throughout the Northern Hemisphere in hardwood forests. It is a choice edible/medicinal mushroom that is grown commercially world wide. This kit is a colony of Lion’s Mane Mushroom mycelium (the white thread-like fungus) growing on sterilized sawdust.

To get mushrooms to start growing you will need to make 4-6 holes in the substrate bag and mist regularly (2-3 times per day). Mushrooms will form over the next 1-2 weeks. When the brain-like mushroom fruiting bodies get large (up to fist-sized) and the spines are distinct and elongated, they are ready to pick and eat. Enjoy!


Detailed instructions for your using your mushroom growing kit and creating the proper habitat are included.


Wondering how it works to grow Lion’s Mane mushrooms at home? Find detailed instructions here.

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Christina L.
Didn't read the directions properly and didn't have great luck

Sadly I took the block out of the bag and put them in another container and then made a tent with plastic. They did begin to emerge but I had a very hard time keeping them moist despite spraying them multiple times a day and they eventually dried out and turned brown. The block also developed a green mold. I do live in Sudden Valley which is very damp so I think I was more cautious about spraying especially after the green mold appeared. I would love to try again at some point however!

Rough Winter

My experience has been less than desirable; which would've probably been improved by purchasing this grow kit in the spring or summer when the air is a lot more humid. I tried using a humidifier, misting multiple times a day, modifying the grown container to maximize a high moisture environment, etc. Only a single flowering head grew from the back while three other flowering heads extended slightly from the bag, then grew brown (low moisture) and failed to continue growing. Given the use of another plastic bag to grow the mushrooms, I doubt I'll purchase grow kits in the future.

Cascadia Mushrooms

Thank you for your feedback! Since you were both misting and using a humidifier, I don't think humidity is the issue. It's more likely that it was due to a lack of oxygen/air exchange. Lion's Mane kits are sensitive to being over misted and need good air flow to grow. Email us so we can talk more about your growing environment! We are here to help!

Growing mushrooms

Great growing experience

First flush ok but small

Did get a first flush which was nice but the second flush is struggling- there is a flush at the top but it is not doing well on getting out of the bag

Cascadia Mushrooms

We are here to help! You can cut more holes in your Lion's Mane bag to encourage growth where you are seeing it. If your block is getting lots of good airflow and is being misted twice a day we can make something happen! Please email or call so we can help further!

George G.
Leave in box or not

I received my mushrooms yesterday and won't be delivering them until Christmas. I have them in the fridge at this time. Should I take them out of the box or leave the in the sealed box while they're in the fridge?

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