Show your love for Cascadia Mushrooms with our branded apparel and find the essential accessories you need to complete your mushroom cultivation project. Our hats, beanies, t-shirts, and hoodies are designed and printed by local artists and small-scale producers. We find the best high-quality materials and brands to meet the style and values of our fans — and it’s all real comfy, too!

We also sell mushroom supplies for mushroom growers and foragers. Looking for that sealing wax for your mushroom plugs? Need a mushroom harvesting knife? We have the tools and equipment you need. 


truly organic from start to finish

Being certified organic is important to us. It means that we keep our integrity with our mission to provide food that’s healthy for our community and the earth. We never use pesticides or other harmful products on our mushrooms. All products that need to be sourced from other companies (like our spawn and grain) come from other organic growers whenever possible. This further ensures the health of our planet while supporting other small organic farmers.

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