We offer professional growers solutions that maximize profits and productivity at all stages of mushroom enterprise. From consultation services, to automation and technology, farm design and Certified Organic ready-to-fruit mushroom substrates. Let us help you grow more and succeed at mushroom farming with the help of a team with over three decades of collective experience in the industry. Whether you're just starting out and planning a farm, or already an established grower, we have solutions to make mushroom growing easier and more profitable.

Cascadia Mushrooms founder and CEO Alex Winstead has been growing mushrooms professionally for over 12 years and is now offering his expertise and advice to those looking for an experienced outside perspective on their planned or existing operation.

Over the years Alex has assisted several growers with design and troubleshooting for operations just getting off the ground, as well as offering advice and consultation to established farms. In 2014, Alex travelled to Lebanon to design a facility and train the staff of a mushroom spawn production laboratory.

If you are interested in learning more about our consultation services and trainings please contact Alex directly at: alex@cascadiamushrooms.com, or call and leave a message for Alex on our farm line: 360-714-8859.

We also offer wholesale organic mushrooms offerings for you to carry in your store.