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We’re here for all your mycology needs.

Cascadia Mushrooms is an organic mushroom farm in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. We’re your go-to source for fresh organic mushrooms, mushroom growing kits, and information to help you grow your own mushrooms at home.

Redefining Organic Standards

At Cascadia Mushrooms, we provide the finest gourmet and medicinal mushrooms available. All of our products are certified organic, and we believe we can do even better than what many organic regulations call for.

We follow our own rigorous standards above and beyond the certification. Every input we use to produce our products, from grain to spawn to sawdust, comes from certified organic or verified naturally-sourced and non-treated sources. We avoid buying any supplies or products that were grown using pesticides or GMOs.

Buying organic mushrooms means you can rest assured knowing you’re feeding yourself and your family with the highest level of health and nutrition. 

But it’s more than that. Because of our commitment to quality, we love buying from other companies with strong values who use environmentally-friendly practices. So when you buy from us, you’re also ensuring that other businesses that care about the health of people and the planet are supported. 

Fungi have the innate ability to cleanse the soil and heal the environment. Our farm exists to nurture that ability, while feeding our community good, healthy food. Along the way, we hope to spark the curiosity and wonder that the world of mushrooms incites.

Thanks for supporting our small family farm!



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