Fresh Organic Mushrooms  

Can’t find Cascadia Mushrooms in your neighborhood? Place an order here and get delicious farm-fresh Organic mushrooms delivered to your door. All mushrooms are grown on our family farm in Bellingham, Washington.

We harvest these high-quality mushrooms fresh every day, then carefully package and express-ship to your home so they arrive in prime condition with the freshest mushroom flavor for your culinary adventure. Recipe ideas included with each box.

Dried Mushrooms 

Preserved for long-term storage, our dried Organic mushrooms are perfect for both culinary and medicinal uses. Our dried Red Reishi “Antlers” are a specific form of Reishi that result from unique growing conditions. Use them to make teas and tinctures – recipes included.

Dried mushrooms can be stored for up to a year in airtight containers in a cool dark place.


Master the basics

Cooking with fresh mushrooms

Our favorite techniques for getting the best results with your mushrooms.

Cook mushrooms like a pro
Cooking with mushrooms
Dried shiitake mushrooms hydrating

Master the basics:

How to use dried mushrooms

Our dried mushrooms can be used in your favorite recipes or to create immune-supporting teas & tinctures.

Learn how to use dried mushrooms

delicious & nutritious

mushroom recipes

truly organic from start to finish

Being certified organic is important to us. It means that we keep our integrity with our mission to provide food that’s healthy for our community and the earth. We never use pesticides or other harmful products on our mushrooms. All products that need to be sourced from other companies (like our spawn and grain) come from other organic growers whenever possible. This further ensures the health of our planet while supporting other small organic farmers.