Lion's Mane Grow Kit

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Grow your own lion's mane mushrooms at home with the Lion's Mane Grow Kit!


    • USDA Certified Organic
    • Start producing mushrooms within 2 weeks
    • Experience the joy and wonder of watching beautiful mushrooms grow!


Difficulty: Intermediate

Lion's Mane Mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) is a fairly common wood decomposing mushroom that can be found throughout the Northern Hemisphere in hardwood forests. It is a choice edible/medicinal mushroom that is grown commercially world wide. This kit is a colony of Lion's Mane Mushroom mycelium (the white thread-like fungus) growing on sterilized sawdust.

To get mushrooms to start growing you will need to cut an X where we have marked in the substrate bag and mist regularly (2-3 times per day). Mushrooms will form over the next 1-2 weeks. When the brain-like mushroom fruiting bodies get large (up to fist-sized) and the spines are distinct and elongated, they are ready to pick and eat. Enjoy!


Detailed instructions for your using your mushroom growing kit and creating the proper habitat are included.


Wondering how it works to grow Lion's Mane mushrooms at home? Find detailed instructions here.

This item is sold out!

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Adam G.
Done nothing so far

Doing the grocery bag tent method. After 1 week I had water gathering in the bottom of the mushroom brick. I had to punch holes in the bottom and elevate the brick to get it to drain off. Had a unique smell. Continued misting. Lower part of brick is darker color, upper part is still white. Nothing is happening so far. It's been a month.


Thank you for leaving a review! It sounds like you've been over misting and that your block could benefit from more airflow. You are creating a humid environment, not watering the block but this distinction can be tricky! I will email you directly to help further!

Hannah M.
Fun and tastes great!

I never knew mushrooms to taste so good! The kit was easy to use and ready to go and fruited immediately.

Dominic P.
Both kits I’ve purchased have been highly satisfactory

Great shipping and I’ve already eaten mushrooms from each kit I purchased and am watching my second flush grow!

Jill I.
Lion’s Mane Grow Kit

I’ve grown Lion’s Mane from a kit multiple times with much better results. This one grew just a few small mushrooms. I was disappointed in the results.


Thank you for leaving a review! We hate that this was your experience and would love to know more. We are going to email you directly to learn more about your growing environment and how we can turn this around.

Ruth D.

Nothing is growing, though I have followed the instructions. I’m persevering — but when should I give up? Or is there something different I can try?


We are here to help! Growing mushrooms is a delicate balance of high humidity and good airflow, troubleshoot/adjust for these two things and you should see growth. Ill email you to get into the specifics.