Wine Cap Stropharia Garden Starter

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Grow delicious Wine Cap Stropharia mushrooms in your garden or landscaping! The best time to plant Wine Caps outside is in the spring and early fall, when temperatures are between 55-75 degrees.  


    • Grow Wine Cap Stropharia mushrooms for up to 3 years!
    • Can grow on a variety of mediums in your garden, including hardwood chips, sawdust and straw
    • USDA Certified Organic

Difficulty: Beginner

The Wine Cap (Stropharia rugoso annulata) is a large, beautiful mushroom with meaty, burgundy-colored caps and crisp, thick white stems. Also called the "Garden Giant", these impressive mushrooms can grow to be up to a foot in diameter! Although they are best to eat when young and tender, larger mushrooms are perfect for barbecuing or roasting whole!

Wine Caps will grow in a wide variety of organic mulch materials: They prefer hardwood chips, sawdust and straw but you can also mix in leaf litter and grass clippings.



Detailed instructions are included with your 4lb spawn bag. One bag can inoculate a 4ft X 4ft patch. A Wine Cap mushroom garden can produce reliable crops each spring and summer for up to 3 years. Adding more organic mulch annually will increase the lifespan of your mushroom patch. Once established mycelium from your Wine Cap garden can also be transplanted to fresh mulch in new areas around your garden! You'll be surrounded by mushrooms every spring and fall! Our instructions also include container plantings which can be done year-round. 


Wondering how it works to grow Wine Cap Stopharia mushrooms at home? Find detailed instructions here.

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Jason M.

Not sure what I’ve got

I’m pretty sure the spawn took. A spongy spot developed in the chips and then started to sag after a few months. The first flush of what I thought must be the wine caps came up yesterday but the color is wrong (less red more honey color), so now I’m not sure they’re safe to eat. I gathered a few and am waiting for maturation of the others to look at gills and spore color, but I don’t see how such a huge mushroom just happens to bloom a foot away from what should be a pretty big mat of wine caps.



We are here to help! Please email us photos so we can properly ID your mushrooms.

Kory D.

Easy and Great Results

I inoculated a 3 x 6 foot area with these back in late Spring 2021 and now have had two flushes in early Fall. I used a layer of straw covered with some woodchips and compost and things went great. It took about 5 months until the first flush. Mine were in a fairly sunny part of the yard, and I was worried about it being a little too sunny and dry, but roughly 1x per week watering in the Summer and I'm assuming the moisture retention provided by the woodchips seemed to be enough to keep the mycelium alive. This was my first first time growing Winecaps, and I am very satisfied. I'd call the strain pretty vigorous as it survived the record heat and the second flush I got had produced almost 30 fruiting bodies. It even spread beyond the bounds of the original bed and found it's way into an adjacent mulched garden path and is coexisting with some recurring wild Coprinus species that comes out every Fall. The mushies are delicious, but they get massive and floppy fast, so keep an eye out on your patch or you might miss their good eatin' phase. Here's to hoping I'll get a 3rd flush before the Winter and the mycelium will over-winter and I'll have Winecaps in 2022!

brandon i.
United States United States

The good stuff

Awesome product, awesome group of fellas running the company. Keep it up. God bless

Steve G.

Outstanding spawn.

Took a while but now having a huge flush of stropharia. Thanks and continue mushing on...

Steve G.

Outstanding spawn.

Took a while but now having a huge flush of stropharia. Thanks and continue mushing on...

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