How to make a Reishi Dual-Extraction Tincture

We’re a huge fan of mushrooms here (obviously) and though we love to cook and eat them, did you know there are other ways to consume the goodness of mushrooms? Tinctures have been around since ancient Egyptian times. Since the invention of alcohol, humans have used tinctures as a means of preserving food and medicine.

A tincture is an extraction method using alcohol, vinegar, or glycerin. A double-extraction is the process of using both alcohol and water to extract different properties. Some beneficial properties in mushrooms called beta-glucans are water-soluble while other properties called triterpenes are alcohol-soluble. For that reason, it’s often best to use a double extraction method when making medicinal mushroom tinctures. Why not get all the goodness we can, right? 

Reishi Tincture- Cascadia Mushrooms

Reishi has amazing medicinal properties. Making a dual extraction tincture is a great way to reap those benefits!