Organic Dried Oyster Mushrooms


Oyster mushrooms are one of the most common wild mushrooms and can be found throughout the  world in many different climates. It is a choice edible mushroom hunted by many-a mycophagist and  grown commercially worldwide. It’s well-loved for its beauty and versatility in cooking. Use these dried  Oyster mushrooms in almost any meal you would use fresh mushrooms. 


  • Mild, nutty flavor and delicate texture 
  • Extremely versatile in cooking 
  • Organically grown on our farm in Bellingham, Washington 


To use: 

Soak whole mushrooms in hot water or broth for 15-30 minutes, and then remove from liquid and use  as you would fresh mushrooms. The leftover soaking liquid can be used as a flavorful addition to soups  & sauces. Dried mushrooms can also be crushed up by hand or chopped and added to a simmering  liquid or soup 15 minutes before serving. Organically grown on our farm in the Pacific Northwest, the  distinctive woodsy flavor and meaty texture is a delicious addition to many meals. 

This bag contains one ounce of dried Oyster mushrooms.


Looking for more ways to use dried mushrooms? Check out our page How to Use Dried Mushrooms.

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Dried mushrooms have a long shelf life and are extremely versatile. Learn how to use our dried mushrooms in your favorite recipes or to create immune-supporting teas & tinctures.

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