Reishi Antler Grow Kit



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Grow your own Red Reishi at home with the Reishi Antler Grow Kit!


  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Easy to grow - no additional materials needed!
  • Comes with complete instructions and recipe ideas
  • Unique antler-shaped medicinal mushrooms

 Difficulty: Beginner 

With the Reishi Antler Grow Kit, you can grow your own medicinal mushrooms at home! This is our easiest mushroom kit! The bag it is shipped in acts as like a terrarium and you get to sit back and watch it grow! 

Renowned for their healing properties, the Reishi mushroom has been used and cultivated for centuries. Reishi is found growing in several different forms from broad, shell-shaped conks to these finger-like antlers that we specialize in at our farm. This indoor mushroom kit is super easy to grow and will yield tall, spindly Reishi antlers over the course of a couple months. The harvested mushrooms can then be dehydrated and used in making teas, tinctures or other preparations. Dried mushrooms can be stored for up to two years in an airtight container. Reishi is an excellent ally in supporting immunity and general well-being.


See our recipes for ways to prepare your crop, or purchase more dried mushroom products from our farm (coming soon!).

Reishi is a fascinating mushroom. Learn why we love it so much in our article, Why Reishi is The Superhero of Herbal Medicine.


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