Wine Cap Stropharia Garden Starter

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Grow delicious Wine Cap Stropharia mushrooms in your garden or landscaping! The best time to plant Wine Caps outside is in the spring and early fall, when temperatures are between 55-75 degrees.  Your can refrigerate your block for up to 90 days before using.  


    • Grow Wine Cap Stropharia mushrooms for up to 3 years!
    • Can grow on a variety of mediums in your garden, including hardwood chips, sawdust and straw
    • USDA Certified Organic

Difficulty: Beginner

The Wine Cap (Stropharia rugoso annulata) is a large, beautiful mushroom with meaty, burgundy-colored caps and crisp, thick white stems. Also called the "Garden Giant", these impressive mushrooms can grow to be up to a foot in diameter! Although they are best to eat when young and tender, larger mushrooms are perfect for barbecuing or roasting whole!

Wine Caps will grow in a wide variety of organic mulch materials: They prefer hardwood chips, sawdust and straw but you can also mix in leaf litter and grass clippings.

 Detailed instructions are included with your spawn bag. One bag can inoculate a 4ft X 4ft patch. A Wine Cap mushroom garden can produce reliable crops each spring and summer for up to 3 years. Adding more organic mulch annually will increase the lifespan of your mushroom patch. Once established mycelium from your Wine Cap garden can also be transplanted to fresh mulch in new areas around your garden! You'll be surrounded by mushrooms every spring and fall! Our instructions also include container plantings which can be done year-round. 


Wondering how it works to grow Wine Cap Stropharia mushrooms at home? Find detailed instructions here.

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Bryan M.
United States United States

Early review of wine cap

I made a 4' x 5' area covered with split oak pieces on top of the ground. Then did a lasagna spread with mycelium and lean straw in two layers. Packaging looked good. Not sure how developed the mycelium is but we shall see. Hope it goes well.

Terry T.
United States United States

so far so good

I made a bedding of pine shavings from our chicken coop alternating layers with rice straw and inoculated with the spores. A week later the mycelium is spreading nicely throughout the bedding. It's been lightly watered daily and is in the full shade and so far looks perfect. Thanks to the helpful person on customer support who talked me through my bedding options. Cheers

Andrew H.
United States United States

Great mushrooms

I purchased my first order of wine cap mushroom spawn last year in early spring. This was my first time trying to grow mushrooms. I layered some straw and hardwood wood chips from apple and cherry branches I had and in-between the layers I added the mushroom spawn. I had a soaker hose on the top of the mushroom bed to irrigate in the summer since I live in the Columbia Basin and it does not rain here lol. The placement of the bed is an area that stays mostly shaded. I had great results, we had our first harvest September 2nd until frost in late October. We had multiple flushes of mushrooms. We had plenty for pizza, adding to all kinds of dishes and some to pickle. The mycelium is still looking good and survived the winter. I added another layer of wood chips and straw last late fall. I just ordered some more wine cap spawn to add to another area of our garden. Can’t wait till we get a flush off our patch from last year this spring and fall!

Katlyn B.
United States United States

Over a year and no fruit

My first attempt last year around this time failed sadly I have not gotten any mushrooms. I spread the bag around a tree and layered woodchips and straw. May attempt another time. I must have done something wrong.

Kris M.
United States United States

Just starting

Just starting the bed for these and we will see in the spring but I’m not worried cascadia sell a fine product

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