Shiitake Mushroom Grow Kit


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Delicious, home-grown Shiitake mushrooms in just two weeks!


  • USDA Certified Organic materials
  • Fast-growing and easy to use
  • Comes with complete instructions and recipe ideas


Shiitake Mushroom Grow Kit

This fast-growing strain of Shiitake is our favorite mushroom here on the farm. Once you activate your Shiitake mushroom grow kit, the first harvest will begin growing and will form big beautiful mushrooms over 10 to 14 days. Once the first crop has been harvested just soak the kit in cold water overnight and a new crop will begin growing in just another two weeks. Our Shiitake blocks produce 1-2 crops. Experience the joy and wonder of watching beautiful mushrooms grow before your eyes and then eating them!

The mushrooms are easily grown indoors at temperatures averaging 60-70ºF. They prefer indirect light and require a daily misting to maintain humidity. Our Shiitake mushroom grow kits are 100% Certified Organic blocks of enriched hardwood sawdust that is fully colonized by mycelium from our favorite hardy strain of Shiitake.

Each mushroom grow kit comes complete with care instructions and recipes!


Wondering how to use a Shiitake mushroom grow kit at home? Find detailed instructions here.
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Olesya M.
Beautiful first flush!

We kept the grow kit block in the fridge for a couple weeks because we didn’t have time to set it up when it arrived in the mail. Then followed all of the included instructions and had primordia in just a few days! The whole process was simple and really exciting! Fingers crossed for a second flush after letting the block rest.

A Cascadia Mushrooms Customer
Richard T.
An enjoyable addition to gardening

The Shitake Grow Kit arrived promptly. Instructions included and posted online were very clear and easy to follow. It was delightful to watch the little buds rapidly grow into beautiful and tasty mushrooms. In about 2 weeks, I harvested a pound of Shitakes. I was hoping for a second bloom, but only got one mushroom. I am happy with the experience and ordered a kit for my daughter. I'll order more for myself in the near future. Thank you to everyone at Cascadia Mushrooms.

Eric V.
Easy and productive

Loved watching them grow

Lora B.
Great kit

The mushroom block is beautiful; well packaged. Can't comment on how well it grew as it is a gift for a friend. I will know the next time we talk. I would definitely buy from Cascadia again and again!

Charles M.
Failure - My Fault

Everything was going well. I made the tent with the bag and plastic forks, bought spring water, a spray bottle, et. The Shitakes started growing immediately but only on eat right side of the block - none in the middle or other sides at all. I misted them everyday every 4 hours for about a week. Then, for some reason, I either got busy or lazy, or "out-of-sight-out-of-mind". And when I got back to them (in a fit of panic, of course) The shiitakes had shriveled and looked black. Still they only grew on that right hand side of the block and never popped up anywhere else. I believe this was MY fault and not yours. I will try again sometime but not now. I'm a bit ashamed!

Cascadia Mushrooms

Thank you for leaving a review! Mushrooms can favor one side of the block, adjusting your humidity tent to allow for more airflow can help with this. Shiitake do need to be harvested as soon as you can see the gills or they can wither/die off. We want everyone to be successful and would love for you to try again!

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