Gourmet Oyster Mushroom Plugs

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Gourmet Oyster Mushroom Plugs allow you to grow your own mushrooms at home!


    • Made with certified organic and naturally-sourced materials
    • Years of seasonal crops, right in your own backyard!
    • Farm mushrooms in a style that's been used for thousands of years

 Difficulty: Intermediate (some tools required)

Our oyster mushroom plugs enable you to make your own mushroom logs at home! Plug spawn grown at Cascadia Mushrooms are made only with high-quality and vigorous growing strains of Blue Oyster that fruit in a wide-range of temperatures and climates. We include easy-to-follow instructions. Don't forget the sealing wax!

Each bag of spawn contains 100+ plugs, enough to inoculate 3 to 5 logs that are 3 to 4 feet in length. Once inoculated, the logs must be placed in a shady area exposed to natural rainfall and out of direct summer sun. Mushrooms begin to fruit in one or two years after prolonged soaking. They will continue to produce until the logs rot to the ground (anywhere from 3-7 years!). This is a great garden project and makes an excellent gift for the Do-It-Yourself gardener or homesteader.

Includes easy to follow instructions--requires some tools and sealing wax. Looking for more mushroom plugs? We offer Shiitake mushroom plugs too!

Some tools required (power drill, mallet or hammer, sealing wax, heat source for melting wax).


Wondering how it works to grow mushroom plugs at home? Find detailed instructions here, or read our article about How to Use Mushroom Plugs in 5 Simple Steps!


Retail orders are typically shipped within three business days of purchase (likely sooner). We ship products out Monday – Thursday. Anything purchased after 4pm PST Thursday will be shipped the following Monday. Please note that overnight and/or expedited shipping times refer to the time something takes to ship according to the shipping method, rather than the time it takes to send an order.

If a package is returned due to an incorrect address provided during the checkout, we reserve the right to charge additional shipping. Requests for shipping information can be sent to info@cascadiamushrooms.com.

We send out orders as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that any mushroom kits or spawn will need to be protected from extreme cold and heat. Mycelium (the base of the mushrooms) is alive and should not be left out in the sun or snow. Please be ready to accept your order as it arrives.

What are the key ingredients to growing mushrooms successfully?

High humidity, indirect light, a good amount of fresh air, and temperatures ranging from 55-75 degrees F. For more information, check out our page on growing mushrooms.

When should I start my mushroom kit?

All mushroom kits should be started within a week of receiving them. If you can't start your kit right away it can be safely refrigerated for up to 4 weeks.

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kathy f.
Shrooms in my back yard!

Ordered 100 Oysters and 100 Shiitake plugs. Fun project! Instructions were easy to follow and accurate. We recently had a windstorm so had some downed alders and one large stump. Planted the Oysters. 100 is a lot! :-) I can't wait to see how I did next year. Shiitake's next. Great experience!

Eric W.
Second-time buyer

I have bought and used these plugs successfully in the past. I've had good crops of mushrooms on an alder log for three years so far. The plugs arrived looking fresh, thoroughly infiltrated with mycelium, and the wood was still firm so I could easily pound them into my new log.