In the Fall of 2015 Cascadia Mushrooms will have been growing Organic gourmet and medicinal mushrooms in Bellingham, Washington for 10 years! This is a major accomplishment and it feels like we’re still just getting started. Granted, things have changed and grown considerably since I first began growing oyster mushrooms in my basement in 2005. I still find so much inspiration in watching the mushrooms grow, figuring out what makes them thrive, and especially eating and sharing the harvest with my friends and community.

As we continue on this adventure of mushroom growing and discovering more about the world of fungi, we invite you to join us. Our on-farm workshops are now held regularly 2-4 times per year and we are continuing to expand our opportunities for you to grow your own mushrooms at home with our products and kits.

Workshops hosted at Cascadia Mushrooms are your chance to catch a glimpse behind the scenes at one of the Northwest’s largest Organic mushroom farms and learn from us the details of growing mushrooms. We set you up with several projects to take home and experiment with as well a an in-depth packet of information to guide you in your experience and learning.

This Fall we will also be offering a holiday mini-workshop for folks to create unique mushroom growing gifts they can share with their mushroom-loving friends!

New products like the MyCO2 customer-activated grow kits can give the home grower or teacher more chances to experience the whole mushroom growing life cycle, from colonization to fruiting delicious mushrooms!

Our beautiful mushroom hunter’s knife from Opinel is a great tool for the woodland forager. I don’t leave for the trail without mine!

Thank you for the immense support we have experienced over the past decade. We are deeply grateful to our mycological supporters that have helped build this farm from a hobby in a corner of my basement 10 years ago to the thriving farm and education center we are developing today. We look forward to continuing this tradition for decades to come and we hope you join us for the ride!

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