Wine Cap Stropharia Garden Starter


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Grow delicious Wine Cap Stropharia mushrooms in your garden or landscaping!


  • Grow Wine Cap Stropharia mushrooms for up to 3 years!
  • Can grow on a variety of mediums in your garden
  • USDA Certified Organic

Wine Cap Stropharia Garden Starter

The Wine Cap (Stropharia rugoso annulata) is a large, beautiful mushroom with meaty, burgundy-colored caps and crisp, thick white stems. Also called the “Garden Giant”, these impressive mushrooms can grow to be up to a foot in diameter! Although they are best to eat when young and tender, larger mushrooms are perfect for barbecuing or roasting whole!

Wine Caps will grow in a wide variety of organic mulch materials:

  • Straw
  • Wood Chips
  • Compost
  • Leaf Litter
  • Grass Clippings


Detailed instructions are included with your 4lb spawn bag. A Wine Cap mushroom garden can produce reliable crops each spring and summer for up to 3 years. Adding more organic mulch annually will increase the lifespan of your mushroom patch. Once established mycelium from your Wine Cap garden can also be transplanted to fresh mulch in new areas around your garden! You’ll be surrounded by mushrooms every spring!


Wondering how it works to grow Wine Cap Stopharia mushrooms at home? Find detailed instructions here.

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Julie S.
Wine Cap Stropharia Garden Kit

I layered the mycelium on a bed of orchard grass and wood chips 3 weeks ago. Even though it wasn’t a sterile medium, the mycelium seems to be spreading. No fruiting yet, but have high hopes!

Jeorge B.
Wine Cap

Great item everything is growing great. I would purchase again

Chris E.
Exactly as advertised

Arrived quickly and was exactly what I wanted. It would be nice if the bags were a little larger though

Laurie W.
Wine Cap

I may be having problems with this mushroom pack. I did use a 5-gallon bucket, covered it with moist peat moss. There’s lots of white growth but no mushrooms yet. However, the shitake block was harvested about 2 weeks ago - delicious! - and there are new mushrooms as of this morning.

Cascadia Mushrooms

Hello! Thank you for leaving us a review! The Wine Caps will take a 3-4 weeks to establish before growing mushrooms so you're in a good place! Enjoy!

Susan N.
Stropharia order

It was good. It was nice to buy from someone in the Pacific Northwest, since I live on the edge of this bioregion. The order came quickly. Instructions clear. Not that I know anything, but the spawn looked alive and healthy. We’ll see what happens this spring! Thanks for your work. I hope to order Lion’s Mane if the Stropharia goes well.

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