Gourmet Shiitake Mushroom Plugs


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Gourmet Mushroom Plugs for your mushroom growing needs.


  • Made with certified organic and naturally-sourced materials
  • Years of seasonal crops, right in your own backyard!
  • Farm mushrooms in a style that’s been used for thousands of years

Gourmet Shiitake Mushroom Plugs

Our shiitake mushroom plugs enable you to make your own mushroom logs at home! Plug spawn grown at Cascadia Mushrooms are made only with high-quality and vigorous growing strains of shiitake mushroom that fruit in a wide range of temperatures and climates. We include easy-to-follow instructions. Don’t forget the sealing wax!

Each bag of spawn contains 100+ plugs, enough to inoculate 3 to 5 logs that are 3 to 4 feet in length. Once inoculated, the logs must be placed in a shady area exposed to natural rainfall and out of direct summer sun. Mushrooms begin to fruit in one or two years after prolonged soaking. They will continue to produce until the logs rot to the ground (anywhere from 3-7 years!). This is a great garden project and makes an excellent gift for the Do-It-Yourself gardener or homesteader.

Includes easy to follow instructions–requires some tools and sealing wax. Looking for more mushroom plugs? We offer Blue Oyster mushroom plugs too!


Wondering how it works to grow mushroom plugs at home? Find detailed instructions here.

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    Phil H.
    US US
    Shiitake Plug - impressions

    Cascadia was very responsive and provided what appears to be a quality product. The plugs were easy to use and we have high hopes. However, I consider any review of recently purchased plugs to be meaningless. The primary issue is whether the plugs result in edible mushrooms one to two years from now. We purchased Shiitake plugs from Cascadia and from MycoUprrhizal in Olympia. One-half of each alderwood log was labeled and impregnated with Cascadia plugs; the other half of each log was impregnated with plugs from MycoUprrhizal. Logs were then put in cradles in five different locations. We'll just wait and see whether our efforts are successful and whether the source of the plugs made a difference.

    A Cascadia Mushrooms Customer
    Steve G.
    US US
    Mushroom Plugs

    Great experience with purchasing some mushroom plugs for my parents. Reached out for some advice and was promptly given some great advice. Will definitely be a repeat customer

    Jerry E.
    US US
    I anxiously await our bounty

    We have three logs from several years ago that are now sprouting shitake mushrooms after a long delay. This was likely due to allowing them to get too dry in summer and my not remembering to stimulate mushroom production in the fall. However, we had to move the logs this fall. After bouncing around in the truck they have started to produce profusely! So, we bought 200 more plugs, along with the same number of oyster plugs to inoculate 12 more logs (each about 30 inches long). I found the soy based wax very easy to use, by the way. An old electric warming plate kept it liquid outdoors. I will remember to stimulate the logs next fall. I really appreciate your responsiveness to questions by email. It means a lot.

    Cascadia Mushrooms

    Thank you for supporting us! We're here if you have any future questions!

    Daniel C.
    US US
    Patiently waiting

    So far, so good. Plugs spawn looks to produce some deliciousness. Plugged a few maple logs outdoors and we shall see the result soon

    We're into mushrooms

    Only took a couple days to get to me and I'm pretty they threw in more than the hundred plugs that I ordered thank you. I'm looking forward to these beauties blossoming.

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