Sealing Wax for Mushroom Plugs


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All-natural sealing wax for mushroom plugs.


  • All natural soy wax
  • Works better than paraffin wax
  • Comes with complete instructions
  • Safe and easy to use

Sealing Wax for Mushroom Plugs

Our all-natural soy sealing wax is used for sealing the holes after plugging your log with our mycelium plugs. Soy wax is durable yet flexible and much better than using plastic-based paraffin wax. We recommend approximately 5oz of sealing wax per bag of plugs.

Soy wax has a low melt temperature (185* F) so take great care in heating wax to avoid over-heating and possible fire hazards.

The instructions on our mushroom plug spawn outline detailed and safe use of sealing wax.

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Phil H.
Cascadia sealing wax

Cascadia sealing wax was easily melted and brushed onto Shiitake plugs in alderwood logs. I didn't realize how well the sealing wax performed until I swapped stories with friends who used other types of waxes and had nothing but trouble. For instance, wax that was designed to seal wine bottles required long heating times at high temperatures and then proved to be brittle in freezing temperatures. In comparison, Cascadia's sealing wax remained flexible in cold temperatures and adhered to the plugged logs. Cascadia's sealing wax is well worth the price.

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