Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit


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Grow your own oyster mushrooms at home with the Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit!


  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Easy to grow indoors
  • Fruiting oyster mushrooms can double in size every 24 hours!
  • Can be transplanted to your garden after indoor use

Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

Grow Oyster mushrooms in your home! It’s a fun and easy project that yields delicious results. Each kit come complete with easy to follow instructions and recipes for how to prepare your fresh harvests. This is a great mushroom kit for beginning growers and seasoned mushroomers alike.

Oyster mushrooms are commonly found in the wild and can be grown easily indoors under normal conditions. Our kit is a colony of Oyster Mushroom mycelium growing on enriched hardwood sawdust, which serves as food for the mycelium and provides the necessary nutrients to produce beautiful mushrooms much like it would grow on a log in the forest. Just give your kit a light misting every day and mushrooms will begin popping up within two weeks of activation!

Grow mushrooms from this kit for up to three months indoors before transplanting it outside to your garden. Oyster mushrooms can easily be grown outdoors on spent coffee grounds, hardwood logs, paper waste, straw and other organic materials. Kit includes instructions & recipes. Get growing!


Wondering how it works to grow Oyster mushrooms at home? Find detailed instructions here.

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Thomas B.
Thought it was a bust --- but then...

Purchase: Web site is easy to navigate and the order process was very simple as well. I love how a very reasonable shipping fee was included. Shipped very quickly. Instructions: Very easy to follow. Harvest: Produced 2 VERY large clusters of mushrooms initially. There was a third starting but it turned brown and withered. At this point followed the instructions to see if second bloom would happen. Nothing happened for a couple weeks, thought it died out. Was going to store and try to get it going again in the spring outside, but I noticed 4 nice blooms forming again. Looking forward to round 2 now. Highly recommended/awesome.

Rebecca J.
Winter Garden Success!

We are growing oyster mushrooms as an indoor food growing project this winter . . . we’re about to get our second harvest (enough for a family of three to enjoy). We’re prepping our transfer to outdoor, shaded area growing as part of a permaculture project.

Chris L.

This kit grew like crazy on the first flush. I did set it up immediately after it arrived, making 4 slits in the plastic, as the instructions say. I placed these between two shoebox plastic tubs, with the top tub inverted and drilling 2 quarter-inch holes per side (about 8 holes total). I started seeing pins by day 3 with explosive growth by day 5. I'm currently at day 8 and am thinking they are getting pretty close to harvest. I kept the kit fully enclosed (just popping the lid open to spray, then closing it afterwards) till about day 4 , then I kept the lid partially open and then ultimately removed it on day 5 and have just been spraying it every time I remember to (probably about 5-6 times a day in dry Southern California). I have the whole setup parked about 6-7 feet from a window with no direct sunlight. One thing I recommend is that when you make the slits, make them on the sides or the edges of the spawn brick rather than the top. Good luck guys! I will definitely buy this kit again!

Donna H.

Easy to use and grow. I'm looking forward to seeding a bed in my garden bed this spring

Madeline P.
Oyster Production NOT what photo above shows

OK but not as expected per the photo above.

Cascadia Mushrooms

Growing anything takes time and farm photos reflect that. If you continue to grow mushrooms and fine tune your growing environment, your kit can mirror the images posted! Also, we're always here to help!

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