Cloth Mushroom Bag


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Cloth mushroom bags with the Cascadia Mushrooms logo for proper storage of your precious mushrooms.


  • Eco-friendly, made with 100% certified organic cotton
  • Keeps your mushrooms fresh and dry!
  • Good for storing all kinds of fruits and veggies
  • Machine washable

Cloth Mushroom Bag

If you’re someone who frequently cooks with mushrooms, you’re gonna want one of our cloth mushroom bags. These eco-friendly bags are made to keep your mushrooms fresh and dry for proper storage. Comes with a drawstring to keep your produce closed up tight. The natural-colored cotton bags are printed with the Cascadia Mushrooms logo as well as instructions for storage and preparation of your precious mushrooms!


Reduce the waste associated with single-use plastics or paper grocery store bags and bring your cloth mushroom bag with you next time you shop!

Made with 100% certified organic cotton. Machine wash cold, hang or lay flat to dry.

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